What is the Accelerator?
The Fashion Brand Accelerator programme is designed to speed up the success and growth of startup and early stage fashion businesses.


How Does is Work?
The Fashion Brand Accelerator programme takes each company it works with through the four key steps of the supply chain in order to define: brand strategy, product offering, manufacturing options, sales and marketing in order to deliver long term growth and minimise expenditure. The programme also provides companies with a network of industry contacts to nurture.


Who is the Accelerator open to?
The Accelerator is designed for those looking to start up a new fashion business or for those eager to take their existing business to the next level with the ongoing personalised support of industry experts.


How Many Companies will be on the programme?
We take no more than 12 companies onto each programme.


How Long is the Accelerator Programme?
The programme takes place over a 10 month period and includes, ongoing tasks set by the experts targeted specifically at each company, weekly online mentorship sessions and four London based workshops which kick off each new section of the programme.
The programme starts with a two week workshop in London in June, but all further workshops will be one week long.


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